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                            • AP-6000S
                            • AP-5000S
                            • AP-4000S
                            • AP-3000S
                            • AP-2000S
                            • AP-1000S
                            • AP-500S
                            • AP-6000-6T
                            • AP-5000-5T
                            • AP-4000-5T
                            Better water quality
                            Quick plug, more convenient for power connection; special connector, fast installation, no water leakage; more convenient installation of lifting ring
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                            Low water inlet pressure, no need for booster pump, reverse osmosis water can directly enter EDI, reduce floor space, reduce investment cost
                            Easy to install
                            Less investment
                            Energy saving
                            The operation energy consumption is low, and the power consumption per ton of water is only 20W, which is equivalent to the energy consumption of household energy-saving lamps
                            Large resin filling capacity, better resistance to water quality fluctuation, adsorption of more impurity ions, large membrane area, more ion migration, faster migration speed, better water quality
                            Product advantage
                            Application field
                            EDI ultrapure water, EDI ultrapure water, electrodeionized water, electronic ultrapure water, power plant boiler make-up water, data center closed cooling cycle ultrapure water, power plant chemical water, chemical production ultrapure water, waste incineration power plant ultrapure water, biomass power plant ultrapure water
                            • Chemical industry
                            • Electronics industry
                            • Food industry
                            • New energy industry
                            • Biopharmaceutical industry
                            • Daily chemical industry
                            • Industrial products manufacturing
                            • Electric power industry
                            • Laboratory research water
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                            With strong economic strength and the principle of honesty, the company has won the trust of many customers with its good business reputation in its long-term business activities and gained good reputation in the industry
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