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                            With strong economic strength and the principle of honesty, the company has won the trust of many customers with its good business reputation in its long-term business activities and gained good reputation in the industry
                            HEMA Environmental Protection Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. is a scientific and technological innovation company specializing in ultra pure water technology development, EDI module design and manufacturing, and ultra pure water technology services. R & D, technological innovation and achievement transformation are the foundation of an enterprise's development. Hippo environmental protection technology introduces the advanced R & D and manufacturing EDI module reactor technology of American ampure company, and successfully realizes the achievement transformation of ampure EDI module reactor. To provide high standard electrodeionization device for enterprises and social groups to prepare ultra pure water is the direction and goal of our enterprise. At present, ampure EDI membrane reactor has been widely used in power, chemical industry, biomedicine, electronics, new energy, laboratory, daily chemical and other industries requiring ultra pure water, with a total capacity of 500000 m3 / d.
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