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                            How far is the way to popularize desalination?
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                            Due to the difficulty of its technology, it has not been well solved. The main problems are high porosity, serious warpage, low yield and high cost, which lead to the high price of products and make many people out of reach.

                            With the increasing demand for water resources and the strengthening of water environment management, the popularization and application of desalinated seawater has become an inevitable trend. Limited by the strict assessment of total water consumption and environmental protection supervision, many coastal provinces and cities have responded, and many social capitals have paid close attention to it. Can desalination industry, which has been developing for many years but has not improved, make a comeback?
                            At present, the per capita share of water resources in China is only a quarter of the world average. According to the public information, in the next 15 years, even if the middle east line of the South-to-North Water Transfer Project is completed, and considering the utilization of part of the sea water, the water shortage in domestic coastal areas will still be close to 20 billion cubic meters. In this context, as an important measure to realize the increase of water resources utilization, desalination is considered to be the key to break the water resources dilemma.
                            Compared with the traditional way of water resources recycling, the advantages of desalination are obvious. In fact, the desalination process is a simulation of the natural water cycle. After desalination, the taste of seawater can be the same as that of ordinary drinking water, and due to the low content of calcium and magnesium ions, the desalinated seawater will be more pure to a certain extent. "The current water quality indicators of desalinated water have reached the relevant provisions of China's" sanitary standard for drinking water " Qu Tanzhou, director of the science and Technology Department of the State Oceanic Administration, pointed out. In addition to promoting the efficient use of water resources, for many coastal areas, the characteristics and advantages of desalination projects can also be closely combined with the strategy of reshaping the water, clearing the bank and green, as an important part of the "green water defense war".
                            In fact, the concept of Shanghai water desalination has long been put forward in China's policy documents: according to the 13th five year plan for national seawater utilization jointly issued by the national development and Reform Commission and the State Oceanic Administration, by 2020, the total scale of China's seawater desalination will reach more than 2.2 million tons / day, and the independent innovation rate of seawater desalination equipment will reach 80% or more. In addition, according to the implementation plan of island desalination project, coastal provinces including Liaoning, Shandong, Zhejiang, Fujian, Hainan, etc. will press the "fast forward" key, focusing on promoting the construction and upgrading of desalination projects in about 100 islands. However, the desalination planning objectives of Tianjin, Hebei, Zhejiang and other industrial provinces are integrated into the national plan.
                            The flow of capital is often the vane of market development. The market scale is huge, and many factors have accelerated the release of the sea light market. In the trend of desalination from capacity scale to improving quality and efficiency, all kinds of capital will inject more endogenous power into desalination projects. In the past year, the annual output of desalinated seawater has exceeded 1.25 million tons / day, and the investment scale of corresponding equipment market has reached nearly 13 billion yuan. With the promotion of desalination in industrial production, the landing speed of 100000 ton large scale desalination project will be significantly increased. Unfortunately, desalination has not been able to "blossom and bear fruit" or even "fly".
                            In the eyes of many people in the industry, the development of desalination in China starts from the manufacturing of equipment in the industrial chain, and large-scale water treatment service providers are accustomed to centralized development through large-scale investment. The scale of a single desalination project is small, the investment cost is relatively high, and the enthusiasm of enterprises is naturally not high. Among them, the north is dominated by large-scale industrial desalination projects, while the south is dominated by civil Island desalination projects, which also determines the growth "gene" of desalination projects. But more importantly, the price of fresh water is still higher than that of tap water, which makes desalination a new industry lack of competitive advantage.
                            There are still many barriers between ideal and reality that need to be crossed. The industry appeals that there are still many bottlenecks in technological research and development, project management and commercial utilization of desalination, and it is urgent to break the system "glass door". To say goodbye to the stage of "barbaric growth" and to improve the quality of development and optimize the layout of water resources recycling industry, the development of desalination has become an inevitable choice to improve the utilization rate of fresh water and promote the industrial development. At the same time, the innovative business model is not only conducive to the formation of deep cooperation in the field of water treatment, but also is expected to promote the integration and development of multiple industries. In the future, depending on technological progress and increasing commercial scale, the price of seawater desalination after commercial use is expected to be reduced by at least 40%.

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