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                            Analysis of China's circular economy policy
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                            Speed up the establishment of recycling economy standard system matching with waste paper, waste plastics and other recycling, improve the standards and marks of energy-saving, water-saving and renewable products
                            In 2005, the State Council issued a programmatic document for the development of China's circular economy, some opinions on accelerating the development of circular economy. The 11th five year plan outlines the development of circular economy as a major strategic task of the 11th five year plan. The State Council held executive meetings and teleconferences to conduct special research and deployment on the development of circular economy. The national development and Reform Commission organized and held the national circular economy working conference, made a comprehensive deployment for the development of circular economy, organized and implemented the national circular economy pilot together with the State Environmental Protection Administration and other relevant departments, and held the national circular economy pilot working conference, summed up the development mode of circular economy in various industries. At the 17th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC), resources and environment were listed as the most important problems facing our country for the first time, and it was proposed that circular economy should form a large scale and build ecological civilization, and the development environment of renewable metal industry should be further improved.
                            Under the leadership of the finance and Economic Commission of the National People's Congress and the environmental protection and Investment Commission, the newly revised energy conservation law has been officially promulgated, and the legislative work of the circular economy law is progressing smoothly. Supporting laws and regulations related to the development of circular economy are being formulated as soon as possible, and the regulations on the recycling and treatment of waste electronic appliances will be promulgated soon. The national development and Reform Commission and relevant departments revised and adjusted the catalogue of comprehensive utilization of resources, and revised and implemented the measures for the recognition and management of comprehensive utilization of resources encouraged by the state. We have increased the support of national debt and investment within the central budget for the development of key projects of the circular economy. In 2007, the central government increased 7 billion yuan of energy-saving incentive funds, and supported the energy-saving technological transformation of enterprises through "replacing compensation with awards". In 2008, the central government allocated 27 billion yuan of special funds to support the promotion of energy conservation and emission reduction. The State Council issued a notice on the establishment of a system of government compulsory procurement of energy-saving products, and the relevant departments issued opinions on the implementation of government procurement of environmental labeling products. The continuous improvement of relevant policies has promoted the development of circular economy.
                            To speed up the development of circular economy, we must thoroughly implement the spirit of the 17th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, take the scientific outlook on development as the guide, take reducing resource consumption, reducing waste discharge and improving resource productivity as the goal, take technological innovation and institutional innovation as the driving force, and strengthen the construction of legal system Improve the policy mechanism, establish the concept of ecological civilization, gradually establish the laws and regulations system, policy support system, technology innovation system and effective incentive and restraint mechanism to promote the development of circular economy, and form the working mechanism promoted by the government, implemented by enterprises and participated by the whole society.
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