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                            The first step is to make an empty report of environmental protection commitment and criticize it
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                            We look forward to the early completion of the rectification of the notified enterprises and the return of the blue water and blue sky to the local people. We also hope that the relevant local authorities and departments can seriously reflect on and strengthen the supervision according to the legal requirements, so as not to become the umbrella of polluting enterprises.
                            11 listed companies failed to rectify as scheduled due to serious environmental protection problems, and were recently criticized by the Ministry of environmental protection (the list is attached, see the report of this newspaper on the 26th for details). As the news just came to the press, some "listed" enterprises and relevant places did not bury themselves in rectification, but tried their best to do public relations and protest.

                            The reasons for public relations and grievances sound magnificent: as a listed company, the environmental protection level is higher than that of ordinary enterprises, and the polluting enterprises are everywhere, so the Ministry of environmental protection should not start with them first; the corporate image of listed companies directly affects the fluctuation of stock price and investor confidence, and when the stock market is in a recession, let them "show up". Is it improper to consider? Some relevant departments in the location of the listed companies also act as "lobbyists" and use "problems left over by history" as an excuse to cry out grievances for the enterprises.

                            Excuses don't cover up the truth. Some enterprises that are considered to be the industry leaders and enter the capital market, their environmental protection behavior is so unbearable - violation of the environmental assessment law without approval, direct discharge of sewage, excessive discharge of pollutants, and even long-term default on discharge fees. Most of the environmental violations that they want are found in them. There are many once "star stocks" in the companies that have been notified. It can be said that this announcement has made shareholders see their ugly side.

                            Looking back on the frequent environmental accidents in recent years, from Tuojiang pollution to Songhua River pollution, from chromium slag disaster to lead dust, there are some listed companies behind. As a public enterprise, listed companies should shoulder greater social responsibility. However, some listed companies not only ignore these social responsibilities, but also flagrantly violate environmental protection laws and regulations.

                            Of course, the environmental problems of 11 listed companies are caused by the weak sense of law-abiding and the lack of social responsibility for a long time. However, the long-term existence of enterprises' improper environmental behavior has led to a lot of questions: why can they finally "make up the ticket to get on the train" without approval and why can't the defaulted pollution discharge fee be recovered?

                            Needless to say, most of the listed companies are important pillars of local finance. Moving such a "money tree" will not only damage the local money bag, but also affect the official hat. Therefore, although some enterprises' environmental violations have existed for a long time, some local governments also turn a blind eye, some even cover up and connive, and become the "talisman" of these enterprises. From this point of view, the environmental problems of enterprises are hard to return, and the responsibility lies in the misdirection of the wrong development concept of local governments.
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