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                            Advantages of EDI pure water equipment
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                            The water dissolved in PVA film, a kind of biodegradable environmental packaging material, does not cause any pollution damage to the soil and water source, but also has a loose effect on the soil.

                            The greater advantage of EDI ultra pure water device is that it does not need chemical regenerant storage tank and corresponding neutralization tank, and it does not need to collect, store and treat harmful chemical waste water. As a result, EDI greatly simplifies the system
                            Advantages of EDI ultra pure water unit
                            1. The floor space is small, and the mixed bed and regeneration device are omitted.
                            2. The produced water is continuous and stable, and the quality of the effluent is high, while the water quality of the mixed bed will be poor when the resin is close to failure.
                            3. Operation cost is low, regeneration only consumes electricity, does not need acid and alkali, saves material cost.
                            4. The environmental protection benefit is remarkable, and the operation safety is increased.
                            5. No acid-base chemical reagent is needed for regeneration (green and environmental protection).
                            6. Compared with similar imported products, the energy consumption is reduced by about 30% and the operation cost is saved.
                            7. EDI online regeneration, no need to add salt system.
                            8. The effluent quality is stable and consistent.
                            9. Able to build a simple EDI system.
                            10. It is easy to realize integral membrane block arrangement.
                            11. Light weight and compact structure.

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